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Design studies are getting importance with time as companies are understanding the efficiently designed products is much more than a good looking product. Good Design brings a positive experience and also influences what we think. A well-designed product makes it efficient and improves the overall experience of using the product.

Preparation strategy for UCEED Exam 2021 to make career in Design

Marine Engineering or Merchant Navy is a branch of engineering which is related to the study of nautical architecture, ship design, and maintenance of machinery used in the shipping vessels. They are responsible for designing and construction of electrical, mechanical, navigational, and watercraft propulsion system in the sea vessel. Marine Engineering is an applied engineering branch that includes mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, and computer science engineering.

Marine Engineering gives an opportunity for professionals to travel the world and visit countries around the world. Marine Engineering professionals are paid very high due to the risk involved in their job.

Let`s see How you can become a Marine Engineer? In order to do become a marine engineer, you have to complete a  Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelors in Science or Diploma in Marine Engineering or Nautical science after 12th class from a recognized Institution. You have to pass the entrance exam for getting admission into a good marine engineering institution.

We will see later in the article about important exams and top institute where you can pursue marine engineering.

How to become Marine Engineer?